Saturday, February 06, 2016

about my favorite season

My favorite season is spring. The reason is we have cherry blossom festival in spring. I always looking forward to seeing cherry blossoms. they are so beautiful beyond description.
Those pictures took by my friends. As Hirosaki castle has been under construction, we can't see it this year.

About My favorite season

My favorite season is winter. Because there are many activities in winter, we can enjoy ourselves. I like skiing the best. But I haven't had my own skis, so I will save my money and buy skis.
15M1071 Ryuichi Tonosaki

Friday, February 05, 2016

About favorite season

  My favorite season is spring. I have a reason. The reason is that J league, Japanese professional soccer league starts in March. I'm excited when it starts. I go to watch a soccer game in March. I'm looking for starting J league.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

About my favorite season

    I have liked spring since I saw a lot of cherry blossoms in Hirosaki. I had never seen such beautiful cherry blossoms.
    I'm from Hokkaido, and I could hardly see cherry blossoms. I was surprised when I found the river in Hirosaki park covered by petals of cherry blossoms. I experienced a cherry blossom viewing party for the first time, too.
    I want my family to see them!

My favorite season

My favorite season is autumn. I have many reasons why I like autumn.
First, in autumn,volleyball players start to be able to practice hard for the volleyball league.In summer, we can't practice for a long time because of heat.But the temperature of autumn is enough comfortable to play volleyball long time. I love volleyball, so I love autumn very much.
Second,I am from Kyoto,whose view of autumn is very beautiful.Not only many foreign people but also many Japanese people came to Kyoto to see the view.The view moved my feelings.
「京都」の画像検索結果Those are the reasons why I like autumn.

About my favorite season

My favorite season is spring.
I don't like cold and hot weather. So, spring weather is very comfortable. In April, It has entrance ceremony, a lot people can meet at first. I enjoy it every year.
Cherry blossoms bloom late in April and first in May. I can enjoy watching very much every year..
I look forward to watch this year's cherry blossoms at Hirosaki castle. Last year I went their five times.  I want to go Hanami soon!

About Favorite Season

My favorite season is fall . I have some reasons why I like fall. First, fall is the best season for ply sports in Japan. Temperatures are not so high and low. They are good fot playing sports. Especially, I like playing soccer. We can't play soccer as usual in winter because of much snow. I can also say summer isn't good because of high temperatures. I think,in fall, we can get the best from ourselves on playing soccer. Second,fall is the best season for reading. Since I entered in hirosaki university,I have read many books. Now, I'm into reading. I can read books outside because of temperatures in fall. I can enjoy my hobbies in fall. So I like fall.

My favorite season

  My favorite season is winter. Hirosaki's snow is wonderful. Powder snow is especially beautiful. And I like snowboarding. Hirosaki has a lot of ski ereas. I will enjoy winter sports.

My Favorite Season

My favorite season is winter. I weak warmth.In winter, it is very cold in Aomori. However, food in winter is very good. I like especially nabe. It is fun to eat nabe with family or friends. In addition, l like smell of snow. I love winter of Aomori!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

favorite season

I like winter because there are a lot of events. For example ski, christmas and the winter festival. In aomori city, it snows a lot. So we can play with snow.
And I like throwing the snow to my friends.
Thank you.

15m1050  takuya shimanaka

My favorite season

My favorite season is winter. It is because    
I belong to ski club and ski season is winter! I also like cool . I would like to spend New Year's Day and Christmas ! Winter has some ivents . I have a good time these days ! 
15m1003 Jin Arai 

My favorite season

 I like summer very much,because I can play many marine sports in summer. Fishing and Surfing are my favorite thing to do. I used to go to the sea and enjoy many things in my hometown. However, I couldn't go to the sea last summer in Hirosaki. I want to back to summer vacation and swim in the sea.
  15m1005 Koigarashi 

My favorite season

I like spring the best because I can see a lot of cherry blossoms in Hirosaki. I love Hirosaki's cherry blossoms very much. Also sleeping in spring is the best happiness for me. This is because my favorite season is spring. Thank you.  
Hiroaki Nakata

My favorite season

My favorite season is autumn. In Japanese there is the word "autumn appetite". The word means that autumn is a best season to have a good appetite. We have said that because in autumn there are many seasonal food. For example, pike, matsutake mushroom, chestnut, persimmon are autumn seasonal food. I love to eat so I am very happy in autumn.

My favorite season

My favorite season is autum. This is because I like to go to see the autum leaves. In addition, autum is when food is especially delicious, so we call that autum appetite in Japan. Incidentally, I like mackerel pike.
                      15m1053 Hideyo Shingi

My favorite season

I like winter very much!
That's why  because we can enjoy ski. I like to ski very much. I have not yet skied this year so I want to go to ski!
The food served in a pot is very delicious winter, too.Let's have a nabe party!

Thank you for reading.

15M1024 Atsushi Ono

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Abouy My Favorite Season

  My favorite season is autumn because I can eat delicious apple in autumn. I like apple very much. In the season, I often make cooking uses apple. For example, apple pie, jam, compote and juice. There are very nice but the cooking my mother makes is more delicious. I have had efforts to make more delicious in this autumn. In addition, my birthday is September. So, I’m looking forward to come autumn. In my birthday, I enjoyed eating cake and great dinner with my family. I had a good time. After all, there are a lot of excited things. I cannot wait neat autumn.

15m1086 Risa Nomiya

Sunday, January 31, 2016

My favorite season

My favorite season is winter, because in these area it snows in winter and we can enjoy winter sports such as skiing, snowbording and skating so on. Another good point of winter is electric illuminations adding to the attraction at night. I am very vibarated seeing those electric illuminations. I am looking for coming winter every year to do snowbording and to see electric illminations.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

about movie

I've never seen this video ''Men In Black''. But I found it very interesting movie.
It had many action scenes. I usually see Japanese movies , so I think they were exciting and drastic. As I wanted to watch it again, I went to GEO. No sooner had I found ''MIB'', I picked it up and rented it. When I came home , I turned on my DVD player to watched it. But then, a little strange thing happened. This that I thought the DVD is not ''Men in black'' but ''Men in Baka''.
It was parody of ''Men in black''. I couldn't help laughing.